Our Story

When God gives a mission, God raises up women and men to be in the middle of carrying out the passion and resolve necessary to see that mission become a reality.
BreakPointe itself is a merger of several churches across the years with Wesleyan roots as well as a nondenominational church that joined us fairly recently. The earliest of those Wesleyan churches was established in Kansas City, KS in the 1920s. In each of these congregations, people with God-given resolve to live out the mission of God have been a vital part of the life of those churches. And people from all of those churches are still part of us today!
West Park Wesleyan Church moved to the Westbrooke neighborhood of Overland Park where we are today in the 1980s, believing that God wanted us in this exact neighborhood for a reason!
In the Spring of 2002, under what we believe was the direction of God, Pastor Densel Ball, who was serving as the pastor of West Park, approached the pastor of Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church in South Overland Park about our two churches coming together and forming one new church, one that would be even stronger and better equipped to proclaim the gospel. Enthusiasm for this union caught fire and the merger quickly became official in a nearly unanimous vote by both congregations.
Together, we became BreakPointe Community Church.
In the Fall of 2008 we broke ground on an 8,000 square foot expansion that would add a new sanctuary and educational classrooms. In addition, our existing facility would be renovated. We occupied our newly remodeled facilities on September 13, 2009.
The 2010s were a tough decade for BreakPointe. We came to the point of nearly closing down, but God had other plans. With God’s help, the people inspired to live out God’s mission through this church stuck around and helped ensure the doors did not close. God blessed BreakPointe with an incredible interim pastor couple, Bob and Judy Douglas, who helped us dream big dreams for our new future. In January of 2019, our new pastoral family made up of Rev. Roland, Mrs. Ashley and daughter Enloe Tedder came to BreakPointe. Together, they have helped us reimagine our mission to be invested in this neighborhood and to invite people to come to know Jesus through our church.
Together, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s plan for BreakPointe will continue to be realized as the women and men God has raised up to live out God’s mission, move forward! Come, and be apart of this ongoing story!

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